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On TeamGantt

Customer Spotlight: Advent Designs Nashville, TN

Jason Kisser
October 21, 2015

We recently had a chance to spend some time with the good folks at Advent Designs in Nashville, TN. They use TeamGantt pretty extensively and love the way it enables them to work more efficiently than ever. When we heard how much they loved TeamGantt we had to take a trip down to see first hand how they used it and why they chose it to help them with the huge number of projects they have going at any given time. (The chance to spend a few days in the Music City was purely coincidental. We couldn’t possibly speak to the quality of music, food, or golf available in and around Nashville. This was a work trip.)

Maryland Basketball

Advent is a design agency that specializes in creating “...dynamic, inspir­ing, and engag­ing brand spaces for cor­po­rate, edu­ca­tional, and civic insti­tu­tions...“

Watch the full video here.



VP of Design Brad Jones says:

“I was really looking for something specific, and that was a beautiful interface that artists could interact with and feel comfortable with.” He continues “It is truly a fluid solution that works for us on a day in and day out basis.”



We also had the chance to sit down with Jenna Miske and Kaitlin Marshall, two of Advent’s Account Managers who are ‘in the trenches’ with TeamGantt on a daily basis.  

Here’s what ‘list person’ Jenna had to say about her favorite features:

“One of the things I like a lot is the milestones, ‘cause I’m a list person and I really like checking things off of a list and seeing the progress I’ve made and being able to see percentages overall and percentages in the different phases of design that get completed.”

Kaitlin loves being able to make sure everyone has enough to do:

“It was really difficult to be efficient as far as completing things on time and turning things quick. With TeamGantt I can see that there’s an intern sitting still or somebody sitting still that needs something to do tomorrow and the next day and be able to assign a few tasks to them.”

Check out some of Advent’s work on their site:

Do you love TeamGantt as much as Advent does?  We would love to hear your story!


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