Project Management Education with Rachel Gertz

“QUOTE FROM END ABOUT Self care is self discipline”

Whether you’re a seasoned PMP or a brand new project leader with no formal training, you’ve likely thought about ways to level up your skillset to make you a better PM and your career. But where do you go to learn? Sure, TeamGantt is a great starting point for classes, resources, and templates, but there’s more. In this episode, Brett talked to PM trainer Rachel Gertz about PM education, and a few related topics:

  • Focusing on the right things as a PM, not just your plans or process
  • How to continue to learn and grow as an experienced PM
  • The value of certifications
  • Where project management is headed
  • Managing risk, and not trying to control everything
  • The advantages of being in command of facts, which allows you to be relaxed

The conversation went in a few different directions, but always came back to the value of being open and ready to learn. Resources mentioned in this interview include:

About our guest


Rachel Gertz
Co-founder and Digital PM Trainer, Louder Than Ten

Rachel Gertz is Co-founder and Dig­i­tal PM Train­er at Loud­er Than Ten. She trains appren­tices to be fearless in dig­i­tal project man­age­ment and to connect PM to the gaps between business development and operations. Rachel loves to sup­port the dig­i­tal PM com­mu­ni­ty and speak at events around the world that ele­vate the tech­nol­o­gy indus­try. She’s the cur­rent direc­tor of the Van­cou­ver Dig­i­tal Project Man­agers group

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