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Rated 4.8/5 stars on G2
Jesús R
Agile Coach
"After using other gantt tools, I found TeamGantt the most user-friendly by far. The value added to the board in terms of clear and easy-to-digest info about the portfolio of projects is priceless."
Eric G
IT Support Specialist
"I'm able to see the big picture with all our projects on one page instead of multiple calendars or spreadsheets."
Chelsea L
Content Marketing Manager
"The free version is great. Customer support is great. I've never used a project management tool before and it was easy to pick up. I've been able to stay on top of a product launch, holding myself and my team accountable."
Michael K
Design Manager, Brand and Digital Marketing
"TeamGantt is very easy to use—without any learning. The client-facing aspect is the best I've ever seen. It's cut down my email admin by at least 60%. I project-manage and deliver over 30 individual projects each month, and TeamGantt handles this without missing a beat."
Patrick P
Operations Line Leader
"TeamGantt is one of the best gantt chart providers that I have seen. It's intuitive, feature-rich, and the customer support is top notch! I even got the hourly tracking because it is very useful. The customer support and the productivity boost that TeamGantt provides earns them a recommendation from me."
Christopher K
Group Head of Maintenance
"TeamGantt allows me to manage a project with over 20 stakeholders, who can each view those tasks which are relevant to them individually. That way, I save time in not having to keep track of what each individual person is working on at any given time."
Isabelle J
"Great look and feel, very intuitive for beginners. I have all the functionality needed for a project—gantt chart, time management, discussions."
Katie K
Quality and Business Operations Manager
"It's really easy to use and customizable. It is quick to update project progress and add tasks and allocate them too. Grouping the tasks is a good visual aid."
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The only project management tool that unites teams around a clear visual plan

TL;DR: If you’ve tried other project management tools and struggled to answer questions like: Is this project on track? or How busy is my team?, you’ll love TeamGantt. Your first project is on us (free forever), so get started now.

Do simple questions cause project panic to set in?

We’ve all felt it—the twinge of anxiety that makes your heart race and stomach drop when project questions pop up. 

  • When will the project be done?
  • Which tasks should we tackle first?
  • How does this delay affect the deadline?
  • Can you fit another project in?

You should be able to give confident answers. 

But all too often, the big picture gets lost in Agile tools that make it difficult to find the answers you need to ensure your project’s on track and your team’s not overloaded. 

What makes TeamGantt different?

It’s simple: We put the plan at the center of project action and made it super easy to manage any project like a professional project manager (even if you have no idea what you 're doing). 

You shouldn’t need hours of training or stacks of tools to deliver awesome work that makes your team and stakeholders proud. 

At TeamGantt, we transformed cumbersome industry tools into simple and intuitive software anyone can use. Real-time support and education are built right into the platform so you can become a better project manager without even trying.

This combination of ease of use with professional-grade features is why over 1 million people have used TeamGantt to plan and execute their projects. Our customers have launched new software, built homes and high-rises, manufactured world-renowned products, and engineered next -generation transportation.

Agile doesn’t run on deadlines. Stakeholders do. 

In all the buzz around Agile these days, plans get a bad rap for holding back productivity. But Agile ideals don’t always match up with organizational realities. 

Stakeholders still expect you to deliver projects on time and budget. And you can’t hit deadlines you’re not tracking. 

Having a plan is the only way to ensure you’re making progress toward your goals. It also eliminates the chaos that ensues when teams work in siloed to-do lists with no real sense of how their tasks affect the final deadline.

You don’t have to choose between productivity and a plan.

Most gantt chart solutions come with a steep learning curve but no way to collaborate on projects as a team. Other project management apps focus solely on productivity—with to-do lists and discussion tools available—but don’t answer questions like: Is my project on track? or How busy is my team?

TeamGantt brings everything together in one easy and intuitive tool. You don’t have to waste time chasing down project status, comparing spreadsheets to project boards, or updating tasks in multiple systems. Your plan stays fresh—and your people stay productive—even as things change. 

Rally everyone around a single source of project truth. 

With TeamGantt, your plan is a living, breathing document that communicates project status in real time. If you adjust the timeline, new deadlines automatically show up on your team’s daily task list. And when a team member updates task progress, your gantt chart reflects the latest change.

That means your team and leaders can check in on the project anytime and see exactly where things stand without having to go through you. With fewer questions in your inbox, you’ll have more time to focus on moving projects forward.

“Before using TeamGantt, the project management within my team was very informal and we were struggling to meet deadlines. Now that we're using TeamGantt, we are having a much easier time tracking deadlines and action items. When my manager asks for a status update on a specific project, I can now just send him a screenshot of the gantt chart instead of taking the time to write out a formal update email.”

- G2 review by computer software customer 

Give people power over their workflow without giving up visibility.

A gantt chart’s the best tool for project leaders, but not necessarily those doing the daily work. TeamGantt gives you the full planning power of a gantt chart with the ease and flexibility your team needs to power through tasks efficiently. 

Managers can see what’s on time and what’s running behind at a glance so you can get ahead of issues before they throw the project off track. And your team can filter out the project noise with calendar, list, and board views that make it easy to manage daily assignments.

“I've used many project management tools including MS Project and even EPM. This tool allows PMs, but more importantly all resources, to see the full project in one screen. So often resources get lost in their own work with their own individual task times being their only focus. TeamGantt allows us all to see the big picture which aids in calling out risks earlier.

- G2 review by government administration customer

Manage workloads better for happier teams and clients.

Productivity tools built around to-do lists make it difficult to keep workloads balanced. With no easy way to check availability, you’re more likely to pile tasks on, which puts deadlines at risk and leaves everyone stressed. 

TeamGantt gives you clear insight into workloads right from the gantt chart so you know who’s available to do the work and can set realistic deadlines from the get-go. That way you can avoid the “overpromise and underdeliver” trap so everyone’s happy with the outcome.

“When you don't know how long a project is going to take, it's easy to overbook your team or underutilize them. TeamGantt allows me to make the most of our small team. So we can focus on getting work done and having happy clients.” 

- G2 review by customer in creative

Learn as you go.

Experienced project managers love TeamGantt, but many of our customers are business owners and team leaders with no formal project management training. You can jump right in and get value at any level of expertise. 

If you want to upgrade your skills, we made that easy too! Learn as you go with tips and tutorials built right into the app. Or take a free class to expand your project management know-how.

“After trying out several different software platforms for PM, TeamGantt is the first I've found that has a great learning curve but also all of the most important features (visually appealing gantt chart, dependencies, etc.). Other platforms are either too bare bones or overly complex and take too long to learn.” 

- G2 review by customer in medical devices