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Microsoft Project, it's time to say goodbye.

Many project managers are looking for an alternative to Microsoft project. Fed up with its inefficiencies, these PMs are investigating a light, intuitive, and easy-to-use replacement. Why are so many project managers looking for a replacement for Microsoft Project?


MS Project makes communication challenging.

  • If there’s one thing that every project management software needs, it’s communication capabilities. At that very point — the communication crux — MS Project has a shortcoming.

    Communication is much more than a morning scrum, a check-in email, or even an app like Slack. Communication happens at the heart of projects — sharing files, comments, questions, and updates directly on a project’s timeline.

    With Microsoft Project, such seamless interactivity is impossible. With TeamGantt, however, communication is baked directly into the software. The result? Projects move along swiftly, spontaneously, and with constant interaction among team members.

Microsoft Project does not provide flexible device usage.

  • MS Project was built for the desktop, plain and simple. Many PMs depend heavily on mobile interactivity for tracking their projects. Though MS Project has limited mobile access to project data, it is by no means a mobile-friendly application. If you thinking that you could to rock your PM magic from your mobile device, think again.

There is a substantial learning curve with Microsoft Project.

  • Great software is easy to use. Even the most powerful software should have some level of simplicity. For the rising Millennial workforce, software simplicity is the norm, not the exception. The ease of the iPhone and the simplicity of the iPad are almost demanded in any new software experience. With such expectations, Microsoft Project is bound to disappoint.

Microsoft Project suffers from feature bloat.

The first version of Microsoft Project was released in 1984. Back then, it was a DOS program. As Microsoft Project iterated through its 15 versions, it became weighted with more features and capabilities. Many of these were important to the success of the program. But like any 30-year old software, it has begun to show its age. Microsoft Project’s many features could be useful to some project managers, but others find it distracting and limiting. In its current phase, Microsoft Project may be experiencing what Computer scientist C.A.R. Hoare described: “Inside every large program, there is a small program trying to get out.”

Microsoft Project is not available for the Mac.

  • Often, PMs just want an MS project alternative for Mac. Why? Because Macs are de riguer, especially in the startup world. As long ago as 2012, Tim Berry wrote, “The Mac vs. Windows Rivalry is Dead. Apple Won.” Mac users were left looking for a Microsoft Project Mac equivalent. It is, of course, possible to use Microsoft Project on a Mac while using an emulator, but this is not convenient.

What is the best replacement for Microsoft Project?

Complaints and anger have their place, but most PMs are just looking for solutions, not a place to vent. Thousands of organizations and project managers have moved beyond Microsoft Project. There is no shortage of alternatives. The question is, what is the best MS project replacement? Sure, we’re biased, but we have an answer to that question.

  • TeamGantt’s interface is extremely intuitive.

    We designed our software with the belief that software should be easy to use. That’s why you can start using Gantt charts within seconds of signing in. The transition from logging in to productive engagement is virtually instant. Why? Because TeamGantt is intuitive. Drag-and-drop ease, visual simplicity, and natural flow make your experience effortless.

  • Easily get the 20,000 foot view.

    Project managers need to get the big picture of the projects under their management. TeamGantt allows you to open multiple projects and get the full picture. There’s no need to switch between projects or open/close existing projects.

  • Simplicity is king.

    If you’re looking for a simple Microsoft project replacement, we’ve got you covered. To make our software accessible to anyone, regardless of skill level, we stripped away the extraneous and front loaded the essential. Does this mean that TeamGantt is somehow limited in its functionality and potential? Absolutely not. In fact, it’s the simplicity of the software that allows you to unleash its full power. One example of this simplicity is the development of dependencies. Changing a project’s dependency is a matter of drag-and-drop, and seeing its impact on the project as a whole is instantaneous.

  • See everything.

    As a project manager, your worst enemy is being blindsided. “Unexpected” is a dirty word. You want to see everything. The best defense against this relentless foe is being able to see everything in a single glance. That’s where the power of TeamGantt’s software is on full display. Identifying exactly where everything is and who has what will help you bring that bear of a project full circle.

  • Time saving like a boss.

    TeamGantt’s raw simplicity and intuitiveness are its most time-saving qualities. But there are other goodies bundled in that will leave you with more day at the end of your work. One such feature is creating templates. As you get into your groove as a PM, you’ll discover that your projects begin to look, feel, and act the same. The structure, flow, dependencies, and timelines share characteristics. Save these projects as templates, and load them for your next project. This simple move puts you way ahead of the game.

  • Stay on track better.

    Deadlines are moving targets, right? We get it. Unfortunately, not every PM software gets it like we do. If you need to move a timeline, change a target, or see how far you’ve strayed from Plan A, we’ve got you covered. The multiple baseline feature allows you to toggle between plans, and get things back on track.

  • Look good without even trying.

    Those who have been crying for a MS project alternative wail the loudest over tweaking their chart to print and present the right way. TeamGantt turns this chore into a song. You can simply embed your gantt chart into a webpage, download with a couple clicks, or print a PDF that is beautiful. Presentation matters. Looks are a thing. With TeamGantt, you’ll look good without even trying.

Should you make the switch from MS Project to Teamgantt?

If you identify with any of the points on this checklist, you should consider our project planning tool as your MS project substitute.


A Checklist for a Microsoft Project Replacement

Answer these questions to make the switch.

You work in a small to mid-sized business (1,000 or fewer employees).

Independent market research from GTCrowd indicates that TeamGantt is the best choice for small to mid-sized businesses (1-1,000 employees). 88.4% of TeamGantt’s users are within this category. Enterprise businesses, those with 1,000 or more employees, tend to gravitate towards MS Project.

You are unable to find project management software that is customized for your specific industry.

One major advantage of TeamGantt is its adaptability to any industry. One shortcoming of other softwares is that they were created by software professionals, and therefore most usable within software businesses. Take Microsoft Project as an example. 42.4% of their user base consists of professionals in the software IT, or Internet industries. TeamGantt, by contrast, is used by professionals from a wide variety of industries.

You prefer a Mac or alternative operating system.

Microsoft project works best for people who are comfortable with and familiar with Microsoft windows or other Microsoft projects. If you prefer Mac, TeamGantt should be a top-of-shelf choice. TeamGantt is cloud-based, allowing you to use any operating system. If you’re looking for a MS Project alternative for Mac or even a MS Project alternative for Linux, we’ve got you covered.

You prefer a project management system that reduces unnecessary or complicated features.

Project managers want a system that they can use, not one that gives them more features than they know what to do with. Getting a project completed on time and on budget doesn’t depend on the features of the software, but on simply using the software and executing. TeamGantt’s interface is designed for get-it-done functionality, not flashy features. Features might sell well for a product description, but they don’t do well in the actual rough-and-tumble of daily project management.

You work in an industry other than software development.

MS Project caters directly to the software development industry. If you are a software development business using Windows, and developing under the waterfall methodology, then MS Project may remain your best choice. For all other business models and approaches, a system like TeamGantt is preferred.

You prefer rapid setup and implementation.

TeamGantt is ready to go immediately. Some PM softwares may require a learning curve and adjustment phase, but TeamGantt provides zero-to-usability in no time.

You want to get support when you need it.

The impersonal nature of large corporations makes it difficult to get real feedback from real people when you need it. TeamGantt’s support is personal, prompt, and problem-solving.

Love Your Project Management Software Again

If you're a project manager, you should enjoy working with your tools. So, why not sign up for TeamGantt's simple, gantt chart software?


Why should you love your PM software?

We think it’s important not just to use your PM software, but to love it. Why?

  • You are more likely to use software that you enjoy.

    Think about your favorite app. Why is it your favorite? Most likely, it’s because of two things. First, you appreciate what it gives you — the product, so to speak. Second, you probably enjoy the interface — how it functions and feels. The same should be true for your project management software. You shouldn’t simply endure it. You should enjoy it. If you do, you’ll get much better use out of it.

  • You are more likely to encourage others to use it.

    Remember, project management software isn’t just for project managers. It’s for the whole team — from contractors to clients, to contributors at every level. Part of your PM job description is to get everyone on the same page as far as the project is concerned. Timelines and Gantt charts don’t simply materialize in inboxes and desktops. If you enjoy the software you’re using, you’ll be far more effective at getting other people to use it, too.

  • You’ll improve your skills with the software.

    Great software doesn’t always seem powerful. In fact, more often than not, it feels intuitive, easy, and natural. As you use PM software that you enjoy, you’ll effortlessly improve your skills. As long as the software has been developed with close attention to design and intuition, using its full power becomes effortless.

  • You’ll enjoy your job more.

    Let’s face it. Using software effectively is part of your job. The more you enjoy the software, the more you’ll enjoy your job.

The State of Project Management Software Today

Project Management software isn’t just for the project manager.

It’s for the whole team. Everyone needs to be involved in the process, the timeline, and the distribution of tasks.

Project management software needs to be mobile friendly, or it’s not friendly at all.

The project manager doesn’t only pontificate from an expansive office with a full size display. Sometimes, she’s in the field, on the job site, or in a client’s office. Anywhere you need to project manage, you need to have your project management software.

Project management software needs to integrate discussion.

With every project comes an ongoing discussion. That conversation needs to happen in the correct context. Project management software needs to support real time commenting and interaction directly where it matters most.

Project management software needs to be accessible in the cloud.

We’re in the age of cloud based software. If you need a proprietary operating system or framework to run your PM software, you’re using the wrong software.

TeamGantt: The PM Software That Works The Way You Want It To

Think it might be time for you to switch from MS Project?


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