Plan Up: How to Create & Sell a Winning Project Plan

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It’s a fact: No matter your methodology or project type, a plan is the backbone to every successful project. 

So why does it even have to be said? 

With business moving at a faster and faster pace, a lot of teams don’t want to “waste time” on a plan when they could jump right in and actually do the work. 

We all want to be agile. But you can’t forsake a plan to get there and still deliver on time and budget.

If you’ve ever drafted a plan under the cover of night, just to feel like you have a semblance of what needs to be done—or worse, been persuaded to proceed on a project without a plan—this class is for you. 

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Communicate the clear benefits of a plan and make your case to any team member, stakeholder, or client—complete with talking points to help
  • Represent your own unique process in all of your plans
  • Understand what goes into a solid planning process and how to put people first in your plans
  • Set very clear expectations with every plan you create
  • Keep everyone engaged in your plan from start to finish so you can deliver on time and budget with a smile on your face

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Brett Harned
Director of Education

Brett Harned—author, speaker, and TeamGantt’s Director of Education. Brett has led digital projects for almost 20 years, founded the Digital Project Management Summit, and is the author of Project Management for Humans.

Kelsey Ingerto

Kelsey Ingerto joined the team as a Product Specialist in 2017. She loves helping our customers use TeamGantt more effectively to reach their awesome goals—whether that's building a website or launching a rocket into space!