Better than Excel

Easy features that keep people & projects on track

Spreadsheets only go so far. Take your project to the next level with a tool that makes it easy to plan, track, and collaborate on projects in real time.

Use drag and drop to build plans quickly

Create an online gantt chart in minutes with drag and drop features—plus templates for faster scheduling—and ensure work happens in the right order with dependencies. If things change, you can adjust timelines and reorder tasks in a single click. 

Improve visibility without the extra work

When your plan’s in Excel, everyone depends on you for updates. With TeamGantt, your team can log progress in real time so your gantt chart’s always up-to-date. Share a view-only link with stakeholders so they can check in on status without asking you.

Stay in sync with everything in one place

People get confused and details get lost when there are multiple email threads and spreadsheet versions to sort through. TeamGantt lets you keep all your tasks, files, and chats in a single centralized hub so clarity and collaboration happen naturally.

Take reminders off your plate with notifications 

TeamGantt alerts people to new assignments and upcoming deadlines so you don’t have to. Your team can manage daily tasks without wading through gantt charts and choose to receive notifications via email or our Slack integration.

Balance workloads right from your gantt chart

Check team availability before scheduling and assigning project tasks without leaving your gantt chart. You can easily see who’s busy when—plus their level of commitment—with a quick glance at workloads.

Easily monitor risk across your portfolio

See which tasks are falling behind across all your projects in a single glance with our project health report. With hourly estimating and time tracking, you can easily compare task progress to projections to ensure work stays on pace.

See how changes affect your plan with baselines

Compare your original timeline with revisions to show your team and stakeholders how changes and delays impact the entire plan. You can also use baselines to pinpoint where things got off track and improve future plans. 

Get calendar, list, and board views too

Not fond of gantt charts? No problem. TeamGantt offers different project views so it’s easier to get your whole team on board in a single tool. View and manage tasks in a calendar or list format. And kanban boards are coming soon!

Free forever. No credit card needed.