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On TeamGantt

The Learning Center 2.0: A Renewed Focus on Team Productivity

Stephanie Gonzaga
June 8, 2016

After several sessions of scrubbing, brainstorming, and content planning, the Project Management Learning Center is turning over a new leaf. With a renewed focus on team productivity, remote work, and fun collaboration, we're transforming our blog into a valuable resource for you and your team.

Here's what's in store:

1. A new direction for our blog content

One of our core editorial goals is to share valuable tips, ideas, and strategies that will help you and your team collaborate more effectively and get more deep work done. That is, after all, what TeamGantt is all about.

This encompasses a handful of topics, from getting more work done to priming your team for remote work to encouraging better communication. And as a remote team of nine professionals, we're excited to share our insights, experiences, and the latest findings on what constitutes excellent team productivity, what can be done to increase and sustain productivity within a group of people, and how to make work fun and engaging for everyone.

We look forward to sharing stories and ideas that are relatable, readable, and inspiring enough to motivate you to implement changes to how you work.

2. The Editorial Team

To increase the quality of the content we publish, we've put together a small but dedicated editorial team to handle the flow and quality of our content. This ensures that we have full control and judgment over what topics to cover, as well as the content style and voice.

We aren't turning our backs on guest bloggers though! Some of our best content have been from people working within the industries we cater, so we're open to relevant and thought-provoking articles from individuals interested in contributing to our community of professionals.

If you're interested in submitting a guest post to the Project Management Learning Center, feel free to reach us for details.

3. A shorter category list

Finally, you'll notice that we trimmed down our blog categories to Project Management, Team Productivity, and On TeamGantt (for product news, customer stories, and TeamGantt tips). Now you won't have to spend any of your precious seconds deciding which category to explore.

You'll still find all of our project management and productivity articles, but they're now organized neatly so the blog doesn't look cluttered.

Think we should cover a specific topic? Go ahead and leave your favorite and must-read topics in the comments! Our coverage includes team productivity, project management, remote work, and collaboration. Thank you! 

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