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TeamGantt & Thanksgiving

John Correlli
November 25, 2010
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It's that time of year again. The time of getting together with family over turkey, mashed potatoes, and good old pumpkin pie. I'd like to take this time and send out a special thank you to the TeamGantt family and explain a little bit about our beginnings, purpose, & future plans.

First off, we'd like to thank our 2100+ users for making this passion and vision of ours come true. Just over a year ago, Nathan & I were were in a Project Management debacle. The two of us, being software developers for one of the largest roofing companies on the east coast, were struggling on how to handle the scheduling future releases of our in-house applications. As we began to merge applications that Nathan had written during his time at the company before my arrival, and the applications that I had written early as temporary band-aids, we realized that we needed solution.

The time had come to begin working on merging our two systems & two completely separate databases into one, unified and simple to use piece of software. Our first approach was meet weekly and keep a running checklist of what was need to be completed and by what date. A type of GTD. This method quickly became flawed and a replacement was needed.

We then moved onto gantt charts. This proved to be a major improvement in the way we approached each and every feature. However, this was still flawed in one major way. Nathan was the only employee to have direct access to the gantt charts themselves. Our co-workers and I were forced to contact Nathan with updates and to find out about progress and schedule changes, not to mention the numerous emails back and forth.

How to manage our progress? Our first attempt to handle this was to print out each gantt chart and use highlighters to track progress & completion. This method was simply not the way to do things. We took our need to the web, searching for a multi-user, web based gantt chart we were unable to find the product to fit our needs. After a quick discussion, weighing out the pros and cons, Nathan & I decided to create our own business and develop this product ourselves.

After nearly a year of development, most of our working being done on weekends due to our commitments at our full time jobs, we've finally made the leap out of beta and into a released version. Over the past year, we've consistently grown in users, experiencing a boost the past couple months as we've begun to push our product more and more.

Currently, we're in full speed at working on new features, including a multi-project view (perhaps our most requested feature). This new release (date unknown) is very, very early in it's development but will include a newly structured core and improved performance while providing the same look and feel.

Once again, we'd like to extend our sincere thanks to all of our users. It has certainly been a joy working with you over this past year and we look forward to continuing our relationships in the future.


Nathan Gilmore & John Correlli


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