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Online Collaboration on TeamGantt: Task Comments, Document Uploads, and More

If you haven’t already seen, we have been hard at work on a few really cool new features and recently released them! One of the things that really differentiates TeamGantt from other gantt chart software is the fact that it is online. In a recent release of TeamGantt, we decided to take collaboration to a new level by including task commenting and document uploading.

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1) Task Commenting

You can now leave a comment on any task. This is really helpful for increasing communication on a project. Just click on the little quote icon next to a task and leave a comment. You can optionally click the names under the comment to have the comment emailed to the selected users. It’s super easy and very effective.


2) Document Uploading

You can now attach documents to tasks! Just click the paper clip icon next to any task, then upload a file. You can also upload multiple versions of any document.

3) Other Cool Stuff

Other recent features include:

  • Completely updated edit windows for tasks, groups, and milestones
  • You can now change your company’s name.
  • Improvements to the permissions screen.
  • New Preference for adding tasks directly below the task above (instead of directly after it)
  • Ability to change font size of chart
  • Higher contrast PDF printout when printing gantt charts in black and white

We have a lot more coming!  Stay tuned! Feel free to visit our feedback forum and add your suggestions or leave a comment below!

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