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New Feature - Hourly Task Assignment now Live!

Meredith Reynolds
December 2, 2014

In TeamGantt, you can now estimate the number of hours a person or resource should take to complete a task. In the Availability Tab, you can see how many hours each person or resource is assigned on any given day. This feature can be quite useful, but it isn’t for everyone or every project. It can add another layer of complexity to your project and can be used if you want to get extremely detailed with your hourly estimating and resourcing.

To enable or disable hourly estimation, go to: Menu > Project Settings > Enable Hours > and select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.


In the availability tab, you will see a dropdown with a few options. It’s initially set to Number of Tasks Per Day, but there is also an Hours Per Day option. With ‘Hours Per Day’ selected, you can now see how many hours per day each person is assigned. So, for example, on the outlined dates,  Jason is assigned a total of two hours, and Meredith is assigned a total of four hours. You can also filter availability by all active projects or just this project.


In addition to seeing the estimated hours in the availability section, two new columns were added to the task list. If you check the ‘Estimated Hours’ box to enable this column, you will see the total number of hours estimated for each task. To add an hour estimation, simply tab into, or click in the estimated hours column for the task you want to estimate and enter the number of hours the task should take.


To quickly view task assignment, we also added a "People Assigned" column. The ‘People Assigned’ column can be used whether you choose to use hourly estimates or not.

Interested in seeing more? Click below to watch a video on hourly estimating:

Tip: Though it may be tempting to try to see all 8’s or 10’s (depending on the length of your work days) in the availability tab, this simply won’t be realistic in most cases. Remember, these are estimates and will rarely be perfect in the real world.

Give hourly estimates a try today, and let us know what you think!

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