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Drag-and-Drop File Attachments, Availability View, and an Enhanced Basecamp 2 Integration

Meredith Reynolds
January 12, 2015
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We've just released another round of updates and features to make TeamGantt useful for teams around the world. Upload files in seconds, see who is available or busy, and experience our improved integration with Basecamp 2.

Uploading Documents with Drag and Drop

It is now easier than ever to add an attachment to your project or to a task. You can either drag and drop your desired document or click to find files from your computer. Watch this video for more.

See what Tasks Each Person is Assigned to on any Given Day

Need to see who is busy and who needs more work? The view availability tab can show you whose schedule is full (or overloaded!) and who has capacity. Use the drop down to change the view from daily tasks to hourly tasks and the radial buttons to view one project or all projects.

The new enhancement now gives you the ability to click on a particular day for a person and see what they are assigned to.  You can then click a task name to jump to it in the gantt chart.  It's a handy new feature.  Watch this video to see how it's done.  

Enhancements to the TeamGantt/Basecamp Sync

You can now create a project in TeamGantt and have it automatically sync with Basecamp. With the click of a button (or selection from a drop down), you can choose to sync your new TeamGantt project with Basecamp.


Delete items in TeamGantt from Basecamp

Deleting a to do from Basecamp will delete the corresponding task in TeamGantt!

Want to see more features/enhancements? Send them to support at teamgantt.com. Give these new features a try and let us know what you think!

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